среда, 1 декабря 2010 г.

af conversion dress "Helena02"

 Conversion dress helena_larc

Формат: Sims3Pack, package
Размер архива: 2,83 Mb

Mesh sims 2 by Iconsim

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8 комментариев:

  1. Конвертация суперская! А меш-то какой, мм...

  2. OMG WOW!!! O.O This is a BEAUTIFUL conversion! Thank you!

  3. Thnxx for this conversion love it!!
    i didn't know your designs but i'm going to download them all!!

  4. Hello, My name is andrew shields. i designed and copyrighted this mesh back in 2007 as part of my atlaua collection. remove this download at once, or i will take legal action. i will take futher contact in the next few days if nothing is done about this.

  5. Andrew, I think, you should give a link to the post with your collection at least... Because before removing smth that she made Irinka need a proof I think...

  6. Grow up Andrew, for gods sake... its a

    stupid mesh.... get real.....

    What a nut case.

  7. Hello Andrew....

    My name is Robert Downey and I designed
    and copyrighted this mesh back in 2006, as part of my King collection..... please remove this from your collection or I will take legal action against you... I gave permission for this mesh to Irink.
    If you do not.... I will persue this further with my lawyer.

  8. This is so super awesome!!! I love Helena's creation when I able to play SIMS2.
    Now I can use it in SIMS3 too! Thank you Irink@a.
    Anyway how could you convert it?
    There's lots of her creation that I'd love to have for SIMS3, so I really like to know how.