четверг, 5 августа 2010 г.

Tutus and pointe shoes

Формат: Sims3Pack
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  1. Hey, would tell you that there have been any changes now, instead of that I have the banner (for some of you) so I have instead chosen to link (the links) I became very klusj entries in the old way. So more orderly should be.

    BUT, I will give you another message.
    I have not been with me their most recent news on the web site, their is quite a lot to keep track of for me. I hope if you would send me URLs or things with pictures and text and their link below. from their latest updates of things and so on to The Sims 3 by mail. And what you want me to put the post on my blog, yes of course I will not take credit for their work! Will readers to download things so they do it on their site. So you BECOME linked in the post that their work is in:)

    NOTE emails please their time as "Update sims" for otherwise I can only believe that it is advertising or spam mails. So I delete it without opening it.

    Tell Mysims3blogg@hotmail.com


    greeting. Jeanette

    (Some of you are safe this message 2 times but, it is usually because it is not all of you I have saved your mail)